Property purchase in the Caribbean – Practical Advice and Recommendations

If you decide to buy land or a house in the Caribbean on the island of Roatán, I have the following advice for you:


1. Clarify what you actually want. Are you looking for an investment? Then I recommend buying land that can lie and appreciate for a minimum of 3, but ideally 5 years. For these purposes, we have various options prepared for clients. The lands we deal with are mostly part of a project where people in the vicinity have purchased lands, have means, and are affluent, thus gradually increasing their value, as when someone starts building in the vicinity, it increases the value for you as well. It may even happen that we, as Green Hill Investments S.A., will be building in the vicinity for our clients who want a rental house here. Lands can be acquired for approximately $40,000.


2. Size of the land - here, we are used to having a large garden. You can also have a large space here, but in my opinion, there is no need for thousands of square meters for a garden, as a jungle will grow behind your house. Everything grows so fast here that it needs to be taken care of. Then you need a gardener, by which I mean if you have a house here. If it's just for investment, you can leave the land idle and support the local nature. Here, of course, larger areas can be purchased, depending on how much money you want to invest. Depending on where the land is located, the square meter costs approximately $80 to $300, depending, of course, on where the land is. Cheaper options can be found, as well as more expensive ones. I'm writing some typical price range.


3. Rental house - the house can range from small to large villa, depending on your budget, from tens of thousands of dollars. For it to be worth something, let's talk at least around $200,000 and above, depending on the material and size. Here, houses are built of wood, concrete, or a combination.


4. Legal service - you have legal services provided by us. We work with 5 local lawyers, depending on what is needed, and 3 notaries, each of them specializes in something else. Part of our legal service is the possibility to solve residency along with the purchase of land or a house, i.e., permanent residence. You can find the conditions on this website, in the residency section.


5. Property ownership - the property is registered in the local cadastre, so it is yours. You will receive all the documents and measurements for it. Everything is handled here in Spanish or English. Properties can be purchased in dollars, Bitcoin, and lempiras, which is the local currency. In exceptional cases, even in Czech crowns. When buying, you are governed exclusively by Honduran law, which is paramount.


6. Property for a physical person - you can buy up to 3,000 m2, if you want more, then either for someone else or you need to establish a company. We have established companies for sale, as well as we can arrange a company on request, if you are interested, just contact us and discuss what your priorities are and what you need to solve.


7. If you want to deal with a rental house or land for investment, you have these two options. Either you are in a resort, community, where you pay certain monthly fees, Fees, or you have land or a house outside this community. Here, you can choose how you want it with us. We offer both options. Lands and houses outside communities can be serviced just the same according to the valid price list of Green Hill Investments S.A. If you offer your house for rent through us, we will not rent out your house unless we receive a refundable deposit from clients, which is based on the value of the house equipment. Usually, the refundable deposit is $2,000. This ensures the protection of your property just as we do with our properties that we own or rent to our clients to ensure their satisfaction. And if something happens, we will solve the issue from the deposit. We will deduct the money from those who lived with you, buy the broken item, solve it, and only then return the rest of the deposit to protect your property. This seems to us like the cornerstone of protecting your house that you have here.